Understanding the Value of Rarity: A Deep Dive into the World’s Rarest Diamonds and the Importance of Professional Appraisal

Discover the world's rarest diamond types and their extraordinary value. Learn why getting your precious gems appraised by experts at Gemological Laboratory Services is crucial for accurate valuation.

When it comes to diamonds, rarity and value go hand in hand. There’s something incredibly captivating about possessing something that few others do. And while all diamonds are special, there are some that stand out due to their sheer uniqueness. In this blog post, we explore the world’s rarest diamonds and emphasize the critical role that professional gemological laboratories, like Gemological Laboratory Services, play in accurately determining their worth.

The Rarest Diamonds

  1. Type IIa Diamonds: Accounting for only 1-2% of total diamonds mined, Type IIa diamonds are the purest forms of diamonds, often devoid of impurities and exhibiting colors ranging from colorless to yellow, pink, purple, or brown. Some of the most notable examples, such as the Pink Legacy, have sold for as high as $50.4 million​.
  2. Type IIb Diamonds: Making up about 0.1% of total diamonds mined, these diamonds are typically blue or gray due to the high amounts of boron they contain. Famous Type IIb diamonds like The Cullinan Dream have sold for millions​.
  3. Type Ib Diamonds: Even rarer, less than 0.1% of diamonds fall under this category. These diamonds contain scattered nitrogen atoms, which often result in a yellow, brown, or orange hue. Some examples of Type Ib diamonds, such as the famed Canary diamonds, are worth millions of dollars​.
  4. Green Diamonds: Pure green diamonds are very rare and often valued highly. Most natural green diamonds have color only on the surface, making their shaping a delicate process​.
  5. Orange Diamonds: While diamonds with orange tints are not as rare as others, pure orange diamonds are incredibly rare. The Gemological Institute of America rarely grades a stone as being purely orange​.

Please note that more information will be provided on Purple, Blue, and Red diamonds.

The Crucial Role of Gemological Laboratory Services

When dealing with such rare and valuable gems, it’s crucial to ensure their appraisals are accurate. This is where Gemological Laboratory Services comes in. We offer world-class jewelry appraisal and gem certification services, trusted by many around the globe. With our state-of-the-art lab, we provide highly accurate appraisals, ensuring your jewelry investments are properly valued​.

Under the experienced guidance of our Head Gemologist, Vasken Krikor Khodanian, G.G., we work closely with our clients every step of the way. Our philosophy is to offer a level of service and support that you can’t find anywhere else. We understand that your jewelry investment is an essential part of your life, and we strive to give you the most comprehensive array of services, including jewelry appraisals, diamond certifications, and gem identifications​​.

Located in the heart of the Jewelry District in Los Angeles, California, we serve the global jewelry community, providing real-world solutions to all their appraisal and certification needs. We are an independent gemological service lab dedicated to offering quick, reasonable turnover times while ensuring that your jewelry investment is kept safe and secure at all times​.

The rarity and value of diamonds are fascinating, but understanding and determining these aspects accurately is equally important. Trust your precious gems only with experts who understand their true worth. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us at Gemological Laboratory Services.